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Periodontic Services
in Tampa


If you have had treatment for gingivitis or periodontal disease, Dr. Panchumarti will recommend that you come in for regular “periodontal maintenance” treatments to keep gum disease from returning. These treatments are different from “prophylaxis,” which is a basic preventative cleaning for patients with generally healthy teeth and gums. We know that there is a relationship between chronic inflammation in your gums and your overall health, especially heart disease and diabetes. Keeping your gums and the bone surrounding your teeth as healthy as possible is an important part of your regular visits to Sunshine Creative Smiles.

Periodontal maintenance is performed at regular intervals after treatments for periodontal disease such as scaling and tooth planing. It includes removal of plaque and tartar from above and below the gumline, all the way down the length of each tooth to where the root, gum and bone meet. Rough areas of the roots may be smoothed if needed, the depth of pockets in your gums are carefully monitored, and inflamed pockets may be irrigated with antibacterial medicines if necessary.